ADE: 5 Women to Listen to

Words Oisin Fogarty Graveson  


Electronic music can really feel like a man’s world. It’s easy to forget that within the ranks of dudes on the ones and twos, there are plenty of women who go louder, harder and deeper than any guys on the scene. So we’ve collected together our top six female artists that you shouldn’t miss at ADE ‘16. Or scroll down to listen to our complete ADE playlist.

Maya Jane Coles

Half British, half Japanese, and entirely raised on a diet of London style and conceptual club nights, Maya Jane Coles has exploded into the scene in recent years, even performing under the world’s largest mirror ball at the Tate Modern.

The artist’s debut LP Comfort was entirely produced, arranged, performed and art-directed by Maya Jane Coles herself. Few artists can make such a claim. In every track her eclectic taste shines through, as she weaves modern house and techno style with dub, funk and R&B influences. No artist with as much expertise as Coles has flash-in-the-pan success, this is a woman who has worked to get where she is.

Ellen Allien

She has been described as the fixed star in an ever moving electro galaxy, but she  describes herself simply as “Berlin-Acid-Techno-Freaky-Hypnotic-House”. With her tendency to jump between electronic genres, applying her enigmatic style wherever she can, she is well and truly out of this world.

Born in Berlin, Ellen Allien rocketed straight into the sonic universe. She spent her youth DJing and producing electro until in 1999 she started her own label: BPitch Control. Juggling her label, a residency in Ibiza and her clothing brand, Ellen Allien is leading the charge for women in electronic music.

Berenice van Leer

The soul of music flows through her. Since birth Berenice van Leer was fed the jazz style from her family of musicians, and after studying it at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, improvised lyrics and melodies became part of her identity.

As vocalist for Dutch dance outfit Kraak & Smaak, Berenice’s performance is a culmination of all she has learned. She commands the crowd, set to the backdrop of the band’s attitude-driven funky style. You can also see her go solo at Wicked Jazz Sounds on Sunday, reconnecting with her soul roots in a refreshing stripped back performance.

Ida Engberg

Discounting Swedish House Mafia entirely, Sweden has produced many techno sensations. Ida Engberg is the latest on that tech-house conveyer belt. Engberg produces intensely deep, minimalist techno, signed to her husband’s Adam Beyer’s acclaimed label Drumcode. It was only a matter of time before in 2013 she collaborated with Beyer himself on ‘Unanswered Question’.

Whether in intimate sweatbox venues or huge arena house shows, Ida Engberg dominates audiences with her graceful mixes and sophisticated production. We can’t wait to see what incredible live performance she has in store for us at ADE.

Amelie Lens

Born and bred in Antwerp, we took an instant shine to Amelia Lens’ blend of rolling bass and heavy percussion. The European techno scene was good to her, with Berlin’s own Pan-Pot asking her to join their label Second State. This soon became a musical home where Amelia could freely express herself.

Today she’s occupying club Labyrinth in Hasselt, pushing her philosophy on the beauty and harmony of techno with her concept club night of the same name as her single: ‘Exhale’. This experience is not one to miss at ADE 2016, as we’re sure she’ll be pushing tracks from her debut EP Exhale.

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