AIAIAI’s Kickstarter is giving TMA-2 the bluetooth treatment

Words Oisin Fogarty Graveson  


From the first album bought, to the last song shared. Everybody’s musical journey is unique. The simple truth: that B.B. King just doesn’t need the same bass heavy cans as Nicolas Jaar. AIAIAI’s modular headphones get that. And with the help of Kickstarter, their taking the next step on their own sonic path.

We’ve raved about the TMA-2 before, the totally modular headphones from Copenhagen developer AIAIAI. In our audio section we praised them for their detailed, dynamic sound, and super-rugged, all-black design courtesy of Kilo Design. In that price range (€145-€230, depending on the set up you choose), there were few better headphone options out there.

Wearers assemble their set ups as to suit their taste. From the earpads, to the headband. The speaker units to the cable. Strong bass, high detail, rich mids. Rock, Dub, Hip Hop, they all require totally different sonic environments. That’s why AIAIAI develop their modules based on genres or an artist’s own preset. Bonobo, The Gaslamp Killer, RL Grime and Mistajam are just some of the 34 musicians with their own TMA-2 set ups. There are over 1000 ways to set and reset these cans up. Well, 1008 to be exact.

Just plug in, press play, and keep exploring music

Now, AIAIAI have tripled the goal amount on their Kickstarter campaign, hitting the 1 million mark today – in Danish Krone, that is (close to €135.000). That means that we’re about to see AIAIAI welcome a new module into the TMA-2 family: The H05, their first Bluetooth headband, to be released in May 2017.

Which is a good move—we experienced the 1.2-1.5 meter long cable can give you quite a hard time, especially while on the move. The battery life is 16 hours (above average, but not mind-blowing these days), and includes a microphone, Answer Call function, as well as volume and play controls.

As usual, the new module will be designed by Kilo Design – the “survival of the fittest” design company, which founded AIAIAI. Kilo’s past work includes the design of the Biomega OKO city bike; a series of bus-stops in Malmo, Sweden; and the Morse Code Bench found at the Swedish Maritime Museum. Owned by Lars Larsen, Kilo once again opt for that signature matte-black look, and with the TMA-2 wireless capabilities, just plug in, press play, and keep exploring music.

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