Berlin Calling: Selvedge Run

Words Marieke van Elsäcker  


Despite what its name may imply, this is not a race for men with beards, elbowing their way to a finish line dressed in their fanciest pairs of denim. Selvedge Run is the particular name of a new menswear trade show in Berlin we feel you should know about.

In 2015, Selvedge Run set out to become an anchor point in menswear, shoes and accessories. Late June 2016, they’ll host the third edition in the Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, gradually growing each time. As for that title, it’s named after the literal run of selvedge: the technical term for the narrow, tightly woven self-finished edges you’ll find on top-notch denim.

It sets the tone for the type of brands they wish to invite and attract: a portfolio of high-end menswear brands that focus on longevity and transparency rather than a fast fashion approach, and choose craftsmanship over mass production.

Think: established heritage brands like Edwin and Red Wing, mixed in with a fresh crop of newer brands that are equally inspired by traditional craftsmanship. From Indigo People to Indigofera, and from Made By Scrub to Endrime. Timeless brands, that is; Selvedge Run is not the place for hype stuff.

As a whole, it’s safe to say this show moves in the realm of high-end work wear. You’ll find brands that focus on materials like denim, tweed, wool, leather, and make conscious decisions on how to (hand) craft those materials into sturdy garments, using sustainable production methods whenever possible.

Opposed to other Berlin fairs, Selvedge Run defines itself as an order-show first and foremost. A place to do business. Secondary, it’s a platform for like-minded aficionados to network and explore.

28-30 June 2016
Kulturbrauerei Berlin