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Sir Edmond Vanilla Gin

UncategorizedSir Edmond Vanilla Gin: A Rebellious Spirit

The gentlemanly chap emblazoned on the label of this Vanilla Gin? That’s Sir Edmond. He’s a flamingo. Generally, flamingos do not migrate, wear monocles or produce spirits - but Sir Edmond is a rebellious bird who works ...

Demerara Rum

UncategorizedDemerara Rules the Waves

Sure, it was the British Royal Navy who sailed the Seven Seas and wrecked havoc amongst its rivals for over two centuries. But if it hadn’t been for Guyana’s Demarara rum, they may not have had the “Dutch Courage” ...


UncategorizedThe Stillery Vodka

Even Walter White could make meth based on his high-school chemistry lessons, so what was to stop Pascal Peeters and Robin Karels when they set out to create their own vodka? Six years of self-study, experiments, and ...