CODE Denim Issue Launch at Gibson

Photography Melody Lieftink  

Code Denim issue Launch

Overlooking Amsterdam’s glittering lights, we launch CODE’s denim issue. Location: the A’DAM Toren, in the Gibson Room. As the sun falls below the horizon, the offices of a brand that have almost solely dominated the guitar market for the better part of a century, fades to a soft light – “The Blue Hour”. The axes of choice for Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Slash (Guns ‘N’ Roses), Angus Young (AC/DC), and countless others catch the light, and Kim Janssen and his band fill the room with airy tunes.

One half of a duopoly over the electric guitar market – neck and neck with Fender – Gibson has dominated options for hard-rock players since their signature Les Paul dropped in ‘52. With brands like PRS taking influence from their traditional shapes, it’s hard to ignore the rows and rows of custom made Gibsons that line these walls – history in the making.

Ten floors above the city, our launch on Thursday evening was a kid-in-a-candy-shop moment for anybody with a musical bone in their body, but even more of a treat for any denim lovers: a magazine, featuring a Go See by Sander Dekker, the Amsterdam Denim Days highlights, the best of blue agave-based tequila and the images of motorcycle culture photographer Kristina Fender, which also lined the windows of Gibson Room.

We saw so many smiling faces that night. It reminded us what a labour of love looks like. And here they are.