Terra Incognita: Eremito Hotel

Words Oisin Fogarty Graveson  


In Terra Incognita, CODE features must-visit destinations on and off the road less travelled…

Drawing on the Italian landscapes’ offerings. Surrounded by 3,000 hectares of natural reserve. The Eremito Hotel —completely built from eco materials, stone, hemp and timber— fits right in alongside the ancient monasteries of Umbria, Italy’s spiritual soul.

Without these valleys, the Eremito Hotel would never have come to be. The story goes that on a walk through the rolling expanse of Umbria, owner Marcello Murzilli spotted a small ruin atop a hill. Gripped by the area, the flickering light, the deep forests and soft mist of cloud, he became a hermit. Working away for four years to transform that stone pile into what it is today, Eremito was born.

Eremito Hotel

If there’s one way to ensure the mind is on the right track to finding inner peace, it’s to create outer peace. So at Eremito Hotel: forget wifi, get off the grid. Leave phones, tablets and laptops aside. This is a digital detox.

Even the rooms pull at those spiritual heartstrings, known as “celluze” just like the monk’s quarters in monasteries would be named. They focus on comfortable, yet understated living. No TVs, no room service. In the warm stone belly of Eremito there are just 14 “celluze”, each equipped with little other than a wrought iron bed, a toilet and a shower. This is what the hotel like to call “old luxury”, from a simpler time.

Forget wifi, get off the grid. Leave phones, tablets and laptops aside.
This is a digital detox.

Eremito creates “extreme contact with the world”, without the use of technology. Think: fully vegetarian menus sourced from local Italian farms and a natural spa with stone baths, yoga and meditation. Join in on traditional Gregorian chants, or drink “Melemito,” a hot, soothing tea that runs like water in the hotel. And with all that protected wildland of the Umbrian valleys on their doorstep, it’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature.