Kristina Fender: Middle finger on the shutter


The motorcycle photography of Kristina Fender is subculture at its most pure form. Wild styled guys aside even wilder styled machines raised their finger to the world that they were, for that moment, leaving behind. CODE presents an exhibition of Kristina’s work at Amsterdam Denim Days. And you can purchase one of the art prints on sale. Kristina is present to personally sign your print for you!

Many of these images were a collaboration between Kristina Fender and investment-banker-turned-motorcycle-builder David Borras of El Solitaro – a.k.a. the self-professed creator of “the motorcycles people love to hate”. It was a meeting of spirits, over a common love of machinery: be it cameras or motorcycles.

“When we saw each other, we didn’t need to say anything. We just did things. That had never happened to me before.” explains Kristina. “David taught me to see motorcycles in a new, unusual way […] like a conceptual painting with dust, noise, movement. He was my muse. And I was his.”


Monstrously quirky, David’s bikes made the perfect focal point for Kristina’s lense. “It was a way to get out of the commercial photography scene where everything was clean and perfect,” she continues, “the motorcycle scene was the opposite: dirty and noisy. It was exactly what I needed.”

Join us at Amsterdam Denim Days’ Blueprint Festival where we’ll be exhibiting and selling a selection of her images. Or read our full interview with Kristina Fender in CODE’s denim special, which drops also at Amsterdam Denim Days. Get your copy there.