Lee’s Fall / Winter: Vintage meets modern

Words Oisin Fogarty Graveson  Photography Jussi Puikkonen  

Lee Rider 101 Fall Winter

Since the 40s and 50s, the Kansas cowboy rodeos and the films of James Dean, Lee’s Rider denim has been part of outfits through generations. To celebrate it’s 75th anniversary, CODE stylist Imruh Asha got ahold of their new Fall/Winter capsule collection and weaves modern and vintage Lee into a contemporary story.

With full access to the company’s archive, 80s roll up cuffs, and 60s rockabilly tattoo style both rear their heads briefly amid the 12 oz dry selvage denim render of the new Rider jacket and merino wool turtleneck.

“Vintage has character, and with that I can refer back to the the heritage of a brand”

“With Lee, you can be a ‘denim dandy,’ or just really casual.” says Imruh. “Personally I like the mix of vintage and new. Vintage is worn and has character, and with that I can refer back to the the heritage of a brand, and iconic 80s and 90s style. I also injected a touch of 70s punk, layering the Lee dungarees with not one, but two flannel shirts. And yes, of course you can’t wear two shirts. In a still image you can do a lot that isn’t possible in real life..”

Our full piece on LEE’s Rider can be found here. A story of heritage driven by modernity – and it has cowboys.

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