Modefabriek: Fashion Yearning & Learning


With over two decades passed since the first Modefabriek in 1996, Amsterdam readies itself once again for the business-to-business tradeshow to launch once more. Brimming with a top selection of brands and designers, Modefabriek curates the world of fashion into a two-day program of shows, expos, classes and workshops, all nestled within the Amsterdam RAI on 9th & 10th July.

The #LEARN program is one of the most important strings to the Modefabriek bow this summer, with an extensive program of no fewer than 12 lectures, a Summer School, Master Classes and one-on-one advice from online and social marketing experts. Those looking to expand their business can learn from those willing to share their knowledge.


And while the masters meet the students, the rest of Modefabriek heaves with the whirring minds of designers and brands both at the top of their games, and well on their way up. Bata Heritage, Neuw Denim, Fiver Jeans, Lois Jeans and Gabba – to name just a few- alight the tradeshow, showcasing the finest pleasures of denim.

And if that’s not enough indigo, then indi-get yourself over to the Denim Market in District B – the place to be for shopping blue. Concrete Matter, Leonie & Lois and SO – Denim Art are just three of the many stalls setting up to sell selvedge, and we can’t wait to dive deep into their denim.

Race you there.