Run, Selvedge Run

Words Oisin Fogarty Graveson  Photography Sportswear International, Jon Mortimer, Robert Rottke  

Selvedge Run

Berlin’s beloved order tradeshow, Selvedge Run, takes place twice a year (in January and July), and is set to open next week for it’s fifth edition. Nestled once again in the Kulturbrauerei (previously a red-brick brewery and home to Berlin’s Schultheiss beer), this is one of Berlin’s favourite culture centres. Selvedge Run’s philosophy is simple: the brands they choose to showcase at their annual event must have a strong DNA (of course), a dedication to sustainable and fair production (that’s the spirit), and a love of their craft (gotta love passion projects!).

On 4th – 6th July it all kicks off once again with a run of —to them—some of the most characterful menswear, accessories and footwear brands out there. On the program sit Knickerbocker Mfg, The H.W. Dog & Co, Stevenson Overall Co., Fullcount, Indigofera, Soulive, Tellason, to name just a few; but there’s a whole lot more where that came from.

Selvedge Run

In January 2017, a new year brought with it a new addition to Selvedge Run: The Makers Yard. Referred to as a “curated space for curious people”, The Makers Yard is a place for those looking to expand their portfolios to develop sustainable goods in either Home, Mobility, Outdoor, Food or Skincare. Among the presenting brands at The Makers Yard, sit traditional German writing instrument makers Kaweco, alongside the “dry as Berlin’s humour” Vermouth manufacturer, Belsazar. 32 lifestyle brands in total make up July’s edition of The Makers Yard, for those as curious as a cat in an aquarium.

Outdoors, Selvedge Run welcome brands like the textile manufacturer Pendleton, camping gear from Petromax and hand-painted paddles from the Canadian label Norquay Co. Meanwhile, Indoors you can get your tin-type portrait taken by The Alchemistress, browse Bolich’s lamps, or taste Spreewood Distillers malt whiskies.”

Selvedge Run

On the evening of the second day of summer’s Selvedge Run, the lights go out and guests are invited for a the German premiere of Weaving Shibusa, a film documenting the unique Japanese approach to denim, as shibusa refers to simplicity, and the highest possible level of beauty. Japan’s denim revival, spearheaded by the “Osaka 5”, is one of the topics covered in Weaving Shibusa, and the story will be told with the help of some the country’s most respected denim aficionados. The audience at the Babylon venue will then be treated to a private Q+A session with producer Kiya Babzani from Self Edge, USA.

The film is not new, dating back to last year, but it’s worthwhile when it comes to craftsmanship and dedication to craft and quality – ain’t no surprise, as that’s what the whole tradeshow is all about.