Sjamsoedin’s first official solo release, ‘Orion’ (Video + Full EP)

Words Danny Veekens  Photography Cindy Baar  


Exactly a year ago we paid Dutch DJ/producer Sjamsoedin a visit in his Amsterdam-based studio for an interview for our S/S-issue, ready to geek-out over his new obsession: modular synthesizers. Increasingly drawn to the possibilities as well as the limitations of analogue synths, he was dipping his toes into a whole new way of producing music. After a year’s wait, the first official output is here: Orion.

The title track is a surprisingly moody electronica track, compared to the other two Chicago House oriented tracks on the EP, but with the common ground of building on (modular) synths and effects. For the official video, director Rogier van der Zwaag played around with a smoke vaporizer, resulting in a mesmerizing black-and-white video—and probably minor lung damage for himself.

Watch the new video below, or listen to Sjamsoedin’s Orion EP in full on Spotify, featuring two remixes by Claude (b.k.a. Fulgeance) and Simon Weiss (Rush Hour/Voyage Direct).