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Kristina Fender: Middle finger on the shutter

The motorcycle photography of Kristina Fender is subculture at its most pure form. Wild styled guys aside even wilder styled machines raised their finger to the world that they were, for that moment, leaving behind. CODE ...

Roll Out The Blue Carpet

Roll out the blue carpet: Amsterdam Denim Days

The countdown has begun, the fourth installment of Amsterdam Denim Days is fast approaching. For our part, we’re about to launch a CODE denim special. Here’s how it’s going to go down at Denim Days. Future of Denim ...

Lee Rider 101 Fall Winter

Lee’s Fall / Winter: Vintage meets modern

Since the 40s and 50s, the Kansas cowboy rodeos and the films of James Dean, Lee’s Rider denim has been part of outfits through generations. To celebrate it’s 75th anniversary, CODE stylist Imruh Asha got ahold of their ...