Steaming as a Life Hack

Words Oisin Fogarty Graveson  

The Steamery

For every guy who always looked with a tinge of despair and disgruntled respect at men who dressed in impeccably fresh clothing, this reality is now within reach. CODE tried one of the portable steamers of Swedish brand The Steamery. And we must confess: this is more than a handy product, it’s a lifehack.

After a conversation with Frej, one of the co-founders of The Steamery, the Cirrus travel steamer landed on our desk. First impressions: It’s small, light (just 0,58 kg) and is ready to do it’s job in 25 seconds after plugging in. Once up and running, the 100 ml water tank will give you seven minutes of uninterrupted steaming power. That’s enough for an entire outfit.

So that’s the specs. But most exciting: This little monster simply works. Rub the black beast against a garment, be it a shirt, a crumpled jacket or pair of pants, and in less than a minute the thing looks smart as hell again. Which stimulated the philosophical part of our brain: How can it be that for most guys ironing is a rather complex activity? There’s definitely very few men who consider ironing as calming the mind, a soothing affair.

Is it fine motor skills we lack? Is it an as of yet unknown part of the brain that gets stimulated in different ways? At CODE we have no clue. But the reality of doing something which does not take a skill, which still results in a picture perfect outfit, filled us with a serious sense of victory.

Men who look impeccable everywhere must be hiding something

The Steamery created the Cirrus after a fashion designer friend complained that ironing was too damaging to her garments. Steaming is more gentle for your clothing, as it doesn’t damage fabrics like ironing can. There the steamer is a tool for keeping all fabrics (including delicates and interiors) good looking and refreshed. The steam will also help to remove odours, so this cuts back on unnecessary wash-cycles and that dreaded search for a dry cleaners when travelling. Two hacks in one!

Until this day we considered men who look impeccable everywhere as conspicuous. Too perfect is not a good thing. As of now we know they may have a portable steamer in their carry on kit.

Guys, join the ranks of impeccably dressed men on-the-move. The Cirrus Travel Steamer is available as a gift with our CODE Magazine subscription.